Musemage 1.1.03

Musemage 1.1.03

“The first ultra-fast GPU-accelerated image editing software.”
Edit By BS Editor: Musemage is a GPU accelerated image processing software with advanced features and simple user interface.

Thanks to the GPU accelerated filters, musemage have ultra fast speed and real-time what-you-see-is-what-you-get interactivity.

* Color Effects
Musemage has lots of filters to apply special color effects on your pictures.
* Automated Adjustment
Musemage contains lots of filters to make color adjustment automatically, such like automatical contrast, color levels…
* Beautifying Tools
Musemage offers lots of filters to beutify your skin. For example, the filter soft skin can make your skin seems much smoother without losing much Details.
*Distortion Tools
Musemage offers a lot of tools to distort your pictures, with which you can Create some special effects like rain drop, water mark…
* Color Tuning
Musemage has various color tuning tools to adjust exposure, HSL, contrast, brightness…
* Lens Correction
Musemage provides a lot of tools to correct the lens, plus with some tools to make special lens effects.


* Common Tools
Common tools include tools to move and zoom canvas, and tool to move the current layer.
* Painting Tools
Tools in this category produce effects at the pixel level. Musemage provides a variety of painting tools, such as Brush, Red Eye, Dodge, Blur, Eraser and Bucket. Musemage also features a rich set of types. This chapter describes how to paint and add texts in an image.
* Color Adjustment
Color Adustment tools include tools for tuning colors for your pictures, such as HSL adjustment, curves, level adjustment, channel mixer…
* Beautying
Beautying tools soft skin filter, repair tool, red eye tool, clone stamp tool.
* Lens Adjustment
This includes tools to make some special lens effects for pictures. Some filters for lens correction are also included in this catetory.
* Blur and Sharpen
This includes lots of filters for bluring and sharpening.
* Distortion
This includes lots of filters to distort the picture. you can free download Musemage 1.1.03 now.


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